Tuesday, June 2, 2009


so there was this one blog that i wrote one time and it got me into a little hot water (by hot i mean boiling. or scalding. yep definitely scalding.) with the enemy camp. so as im a proponent of peace and i wear a peace ring and i make a peace sign in pictures and the word peace is in the url of my blog, im makin peace and takin it off. im clearin the air. cleanin the slate. washin the dirty laundry. givin a peace offering.

consider this my cornucopia, laden with festive vegetables and those little dried out red and black corn kernels that you dont really eat you just sprinkle them like confetti on the table at thanksgiving. or a fruit basket. or a fruitcake. (it was dying to be said.)

i would also like to make the world a better place by showing this clip to everyone i know. it has changed my life.

peace be unto you. go ye now in peace. peace out, gangstas.