Monday, November 22, 2010


thanksgiving weekend this year was overshadowed by what unexpectedly became fleece weekend. it began late thanksgiving eve when claudia shook up the evening by gifting me with the teal fleece jacket from american eagle.

the one that i saw and then told everyone in my life about. the one that i tried on and haley said: its cute, eddie bauer would be jealous. yep, this one:

all i had to do was just show up at claudias house and she just gave it to me. i dont mean to speculate but maybe im her favorite?

fleece fest continued thanksgiving morning when old navy opened its doors to us for gobblepalooza. old navys term, not mine. despite the lame name, we made our trip to old navy a top priority. i was in search of one specific item in one specific color and one specific size.

apparently not everybody makes a thanksgiving morning trip to old navy a top priority, so i actually had little to no trouble getting my item. my fleece. my micro performance fleece quarter-zip mock neck pullover. in a neon melon shade.

i wore it all weekend. i wore it out on black friday. i wore it to the gym. i wore it over my sweatshirt and under my coat. because in utah if you dont have a sweatshirt and a fleece and a coat you might as well be naked.

then, like all good things, fleece weekend came to an end. i put on my appropriate sweater and hopped on my delayed flight back to my mesa. where you can actually forgo the sweatshirt, fleece, and coat and just walk around naked. maybe i do, maybe i dont.

also, this happened to me. as if on cue, my manager at gap today said: nice bag, is that marc? (referring to marc jacobs. you know, marc jacobs.)

i wanted to bow at her feet in an act of thanksgiving but i did not. so the bag still sucks but at least it passes for designer.