Friday, December 24, 2010


this is my gift to you:



  1. wow. . . that was the best gift EVER!

  2. So funny!
    Okay so my sister Rache and I just started a Style/Decorate/Whatever Blog together and we would love to get a lot of followers! If you want to follow, you can go to the link: and scroll down a bit, on the right hand side click the white "follow" tab I would love you forever. That would be so cool if we could get it well known.... it's just a little dream of mine ;) We want to open up a store one day, and maybe this would be good start?! Maybe you could add my link to your list too? Anyway if not, totally fine! Thanks Stephanie and start posting more, I liked reading your blog!

  3. love it!!! new follower..come follow along! xo
    ps..we have a great giveaway going on, so come enter!!