Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm a consumer. I consume.

I recently consumed at a lot of places (I ran my errands). This is what went down:

SUBWAY: Why did I think I could get a decent Subway sandwich via drive-thru? Have you seen the menu at the Subway drive-thru? Maybe the Orem one is just deficient but there are NO LISTS! Bread, meat, vegetables, sauces... nope. If you don't already know which vegetables you want, you're screwed. Imagine my shock when Jorge asks for my order and I have to concoct something from memory.

Maybe it's a cost-saving tool. If you don't tell the consumer you have red onions, they won't order red onions and then you can stop buying so many red onions. Well I knew that they had red onions and I ORDERED my red onions! And two hours later when I was in yoga, they did not taste good.

WAL-MART: I hate Wal-Mart. And I still go there. They provide me with 6 24-ounce Diet Mt. Dews for $3.50. They give me S'more's cereal for $2 flat. It's a love-hate relationship.

BARNES & NOBLE: Last week I needed to read 2 measly chapters out of a book for my entrepreneurial marketing class. Rather than spend $27 on the book, I thought to just read the chapters whilst in B & N. Short on time, I altered my plans to buy the book and return it the next day. Bought it in Orem, returned it in Sandy, inbd. This week I needed the book again, so with lots of time and real intentions to stay in the store, I returned to the Orem B & N... only this time the book is gone! OH NO WHERE DID IT GO! Oh yes, I took it out of this store and took it to another. If ever anyone has shot themselves in the foot, it was me and it was unethical and I was being punished.

24-HOUR: I love 24-hour. Every piece of my heart loves every piece of 24-hour. But I'm making a new rule and this is it:

Before entering yoga, one must remove one's shoes and submit one's feet to an odor test. If one's feet fail, one will not be allowed to enter.

Little miss sweet feet next to me nearly threw off my vinyasa flow with her lethal limbs. In my book of mental marks, she has been marked. She and Wal-Mart have been marked. And red onions have been marked too.


  1. Ok... so I ordered a Subway sandwich AT Walmart the other day.... 2 really bad choices made in one afternoon! And, I didn't know you were still doing the Dew! Whew! No wonder sleep eludes you!

  2. Down with Subway and up with Blimpie!! Blimpie would never deprive someone of a drive-through menu... oh, wait, Blimpie doesn't have a drive-through. I guess we're just screwed! No red onions after all.

    PS- Is there a reason why I can't post this darn comment!?! Yes, I'm trying, but I can't figure it out! Am I really THAT blond? But wait, you're reading this! That means I've succeeded. I need to give myself more credit- but for now- Gurrrrrrr.

  3. Alas, I did it!
    By the way, your blog is my new drug of choice!! Love it!