Monday, August 17, 2009


today i took a little break from work to clean out under my fingernails. all was well until under one fingernail i found a sugar granule. it was the size of a hail stone. or the size of a talent. it was the size of a talent-sized hail stone.

interesting, i thought. when was the last time i was eating sugar granules? and this is really shocking but i couldnt remember the last time i was picking up sugar granules with my fingernails.

i forgot to pack nail clippers and im pretty stingy with my euros, so my nails have gotten uncannily long.

i clack when i type and i drum them on my desk when im thinking. its no wonder that things get stuck. but sugar granule talent stones? so the source of the sugar granules remained, and still does remain even now 10 hours later, a mystery.

but where one mystery opens another closes and this is the mystery that i solved today:

the background story is that we used to sleep over at the castletons when my parents went out of town and we would come home smelling like the castleton house. everything from my esmerelda sleeping bag to my stirrup leggings was laden with castleton smell. it wasnt a bad smell though. it just smelled like the castletons. i never knew what it was. i thought it was because they were so righteous that their whole house had a righteous smell. our house didnt have the righteous smell because we went to ponderosa on sundays.

well i recently did my laundry at the neighbor's house. and by the way the people dont believe in dryers here and the weather doesnt believe in not being humid so this is what my room looks like for the three days after laundry day.

so today i put on a shirt that i had just washed and as i sat at work and the sun beat in the window and baked me, i smelled like the castletons again.

so i have narrowed it down to two options:
1 i have become sufficiently righteous and am now deserving of the righteous smell.
2 the castletons and my neighbor use the same laundry detergent.

now there isnt enough evidence to really sway me one way or the other so ill just have to leave it at that until i receive further proof.


  1. I'll propose a 3rd option: the smell comes naturally from being dried without a dryer...heh?

  2. Thanks for spilling the unrighteous beans about our family! We only went to Ponderosa like twice, and I continue to get crap about it! At least you could have said that we went to Little America Brunch... that carries clout! Love your blog! Thanks for making me laugh! xoxoxox

  3. are you my best friend because your amazing. or are you amazing because your my best friend....

  4. Well, I think that we MUST simply share a liking for the same detergent as your neighbors...the "righteous smell" just doesn't quite seem to ring a bell with how I remember my childhood! Then again- I do have four brothers..... I love you Steph! Hope you are having a ball!

  5. Haha! Steph, I seriously love your blog. When do you get back?

  6. Ha it...Little America. If your REALLY righteous you go to Grand America! Their food is "heaven" hehe

  7. Oh Heavens! You are the funniest girl! I think you need to be a definitely have the humor and talent...bigger than a sugar granule!