Sunday, August 30, 2009


i am pretty sure i am the luckiest person in the world right now. my reasons are these:

1. i slept 12.5 hours last night which is a 230% increase from the usual 5.5 hours and it was n-i-c-e.

2. i got a job. a grown-up one. it sufficeth me to say that i am s-t-o-k-e-d.

2.5. in 10 days and 11 hours, i'll board a plane, buckle my seat belt, and fly fly away. to the land of the free. the home i love. the state to which i swore i would never return except for holidays and now it's the only place i want to be. the big u t. that place.

3. i saved this one for last because it alone is enough to convince one of my exceptional fortune. if i had put this one first, you would have stopped reading, certain that the world is sending to me all things good. it will sound made up but i assure you it is not.

yesterday i hit up rue neuve for some shopping, where i was entirely overwhelmed. i found it necessary to create a mantra of sorts. some way to define my style in order to guide my consumption decisions. dr. gary rhoads always said that creativity loves constraints and he was correct.

my mantra had to encompass my lifestyle staples: coral lipstick, wood earrings that almost touch my shoulders, and things that increase my speed without leaving any tracks. the task was challenging. mantra-creating is not for the faint of heart. but i was prepared and finally came up with this: earthy-goes-eighties-with-a-twist-of-athleticism.

this is where it gets good. a mere 7 seconds after i had mantra-cised my style, i stumbled upon this jewel.

is that a navy wide-neck sweatshirt with dolman sleeves and a wolf on it? indeed.

i found my size (which is 34 here. its weird.), stood at the cash register for a couple minutes, stood at the cash register for a couple more minutes (customer service is not key here. in fact it doesn't really exist.) but it was totally worth it. i'll wear it til it has holes in it. i'll sleep in it, spray it with febreeze, and wear it the next day. it will become my friday shirt, my saturday shirt, and my sunday shirt. if monday is a public holiday it will be my monday shirt. my tuesday yoga shirt. my watching-thursday-night-tv shirt. i'll wear it until it grafts to my skin. actually no, that's probably where i'll draw the line.


  1. I am worried about you! We've got to get you back to the States... pronto! I hope that "wolf" doesn't put you over the baggage allowance... You'll think mantra-cised! Love you!

  2. Have you seen this?

    It's hilarious. And along the same lines. :)

  3. i found a shirt with a horse on it the other day. i thought, man i want to buy this but i won't have any friends if I do. love you!