Friday, May 7, 2010


soooooooo its my birthday. indeed i am sipping bacardi like its my birthday. to celebrate another year of wisdom, good looks, and odd habits, i have decided to look back at the year that was 21. so here she goes, this year in photos:

may: celebrated the 21st by trekking to the moabs. it was the phase when i thought my hair should be one inch long. we now know otherwise. thankfully.

june: spent some days in the big apple before heading to...

...the big waffle. they dont really call belgium the big waffle.

july: this looks like an iphoto background but it is actually the eiffel tower. in paris. because i went there on a train. it was the phase where i went to other countries on trains. much better than the hair phase.

just my feet on the...

...which actually hasnt fallen down.

august: the diet coke phase...

the shopping phase...

and the explorer phase. (my feet and i were very much lost when this photo was taken.) im still waiting for all three phases to end but i kind of hope they dont. there are some, however, that have ended and i think maybe we are all grateful.

the phase where i used the same water bottle for 3 months.

the phase where i refused to cut my nails.

and the phase where i ate disco biscuits.

september: returned to the mother land...

where i laid my two most noble pairs of sandals to rest. til we meet again, dear friends.

october: had a fest and carved a pumpkin like haleys face.

november: spent thanksgiving morning at the wal marts. pretty sure its going to be a new tradition.

december: melted a votive candle all over my dresser and partied it up with eva.

january: hit the floridas for some much needed vitamin d.

ethel and willard know that the more skin you expose, the more vitamin d you get.

february: things started to slow down so i kept it exciting by eating some expired chips...

followed by some expired rice cakes. i guess you could say i live on the wild side.

march: chose one skill to focus on for the month and it was gas pumping. id say overall it was pretty successful.

april: easter brought snow and blue lips...

followed by phoenix, where the sun actually shines.

so here we are, back at may. heres to 22. the oldest age i have ever been so far. my goals for this age are nothing out of the ordinary, just self-actualization, translation into heaven, and maybe a movie based on my life. in that order. we can check back next year and see how it went. cheers.

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  1. Happy Birthday! What a year it has been! I'm so glad you got to go to Europe, and I'm so glad you came back to Utah! Love you!