Wednesday, April 8, 2009


today i was set to interview for a job that i didn't want, so i decided not to go to the interview. and do you know what i did?

i called them.

yep! i called! i called and said i wasn't interested in the job so i wasn't coming in! was it scary? i almost peed my pants a little. i hung up and i was like "check me out. i am the quintessence of responsibility." so i did a little responsibility dance. a jig. a responsibility jig. and then i remembered the other day when something similar happened- i couldn't do something, so i sent an email, and i was honest (none of this "i had a death in the family" crap. i have used that so many times people probably thing im an orphan... and a widow).

so i started tallying my efforts of social responsibility... 5 points for calling in to the interview, 2.7 points for emptying my garbage whilst i got gas instead of throwing it out the window on the freeway, 3 points for turning off my power strip before i left the house for the weekend.

then i threw my apple core onto my neighbor's front porch. minus 4 points.

why onto the neighbor's front porch? because i was sitting on my front porch, my hand was so so sticky from eating my apple, and i didn't want to hold it anymore. why didn't i take it in the house? i was locked out. but only for like 3 hours so no big deal! so yeah i bowled it on over to the neighbor's. i live in a condo so i can do that. i can bowl things on over to the neighbor's.

i also threw away 6 plastic grocery bags after i grocery shopped at macey's this week. in the garbage. minus 1.68 points, .28 points per bag.

at the end of my tallying, i was positive 16 points! go me. but then i thought of the real kicker.

oh yeah i killed the easter bunny. minus one million points.


  1. Your blog may be the funniest yet... I love it! HAHAHAHA

  2. It's ok! A bird will eat the apple core.
    I am choosing not to comment on the plastic bags. J.K. love the blog!

  3. So there I was playing Scattagories with Justin... the letter was 'A' the question was "Something sticky". He put "Apple" I said "NO FREAK'N WAY"! I guess he gets the point after all.