Sunday, October 18, 2009


the reasons that i love the people in my family today are these:

dad because he takes me on drives to kearns.
mom because she buys me chocolate graham goldfish.
justin because he invites me over to watch monsters vs aliens.
katt because she visits me after going yard selling.
laine because he gives me websites to stream the byu game live.
court because she leaves 3 bit o honeys at my house.
boston because she likes hannah montana like me.
neddie because she always thinks our hair is the same when it is not.
brighton because wears a monster suit.
haley because she plays along when i think im getting a dog.

but the reasons that i love my family as a collective body today are these:

we celebrate oktober in style with oktoberfest parteis. and we dress accordingly.

just and katt were our gracious hosts, the hostesses with the mostestes (not a word), the hosts with bratwursts on the grill and a bun in the oven.

costume contest: we are all winners, but not really because halesy and i kicked trash.

with oktoberfest officially over, permission has been granted to pull out the christmas music. which reminds me: only 2 months remain to prepare my costume for whobilation. i am hoping to find something like this:

looking like that in it might cost more than $34.99, but im a working woman now.

may the best who win.


  1. Steph- I love your blog! You are so cute and clever! Your family is awesome- I love the Oktoberfest costumes! I will be putting your blog on my list!

  2. Oh my gosh... laughed out loud once again! I love you Stephi Jo! Can't wait for your next blog! It's better than the endorphins I get from Diet Coke!

  3. I love Steph because... her blog kicks trash and she's going to be a slutty play-mate Santa for our Whobilation! Now that's great stuff!!