Friday, October 23, 2009


during a typical 3 am-i-cant-sleep-so-i-will-online-shop session last week, i stumbled upon some yoga pants. which color would i choose if i were to buy these pants? light heather gray perhaps? maybe carbon or mole? and that is when i found it. the color that made me stop dead in my tracks. not because of its stunning beauty, but rather because of its wholly illogical name:

goodnight nora.

what color, exactly, would one purport goodnight nora to be? i would guess black, since it is black when i say goodnight to nora. or maybe dark purple because nora strikes me as a purple name and the nighttime makes nora dark. i would be wrong since goodnight nora is, in fact, midnight blue.

a few nights later at fhe we had a family talent show (i wanted to do the berries & cream little lad dance but i forgot to sign up).

some darling girls in the fam spouted off all 120 colors in the 120 count crayola crayon box. i was impressed and promptly looked up the list so that i too could add this skill to my skill box. my favorites were these:

neon carrot


inch worm


scarlet harlot (just kidding its really just scarlet)

upon further inspection of the crayola website, i found that several of my favorite color names have been retired in years past, typically because they are racist or inappropriate (which is probably why they were my favorites). i shall pay tribute to them now. rest in peace dear crayons:

prussian blue


indian red

raw umber (not inappropriate, just strange)

scarlet harlot (just kidding that was never one)

so goodnight nora. keep it colorful.


  1. I may not be able to recite the 120 Crayola colors (which is very impressive), but I can tell you all of Baskin Robbins 31 flavors in 31 seconds.

    PS- Nice use of the word Purport- that was a new one for me. I had to look it up. Your blog makes me smarter. :)

  2. He makes it look so easy beasy!
    I've missed you doing the Berries and Cream Dance! (hmmm, thinking about our Christmas Talent Show during our Christmas Sleepover!)