Sunday, March 28, 2010


yesterday on my break i went to bath and body works. i went to buy a candle and it is in front of the candle wall that i stood when i was suddenly ambushed by the flamboyant male employee who tried enthusiastically to convince me that island margarita was the best one of them all.

i said, you think so? and he goes, i dont think so, i KNOW so. it just is. my whole house smells like it and it is FABULOUS. (insert hand flick).

ok i dont really remember if he said fabulous but i think he did. so i bought it.

but you know what happens when you buy something at BBW? they always have some kind of coupon and they say, go pick out something else and it will be free. my most pressing need was shower gel so i made the rounds, smelling all of the smells and trying to choose one and that is when i found it.

butterfly flower. that is the real name of it. i felt guilty for liking it since it is called butterfly flower and since i am over the age of thirteen, but sometimes things like this just happen and we never know why.

so i bought it. well, they gave it to me free. so now i smell like this

and i want to wear one of these

and i want to be this lady

because she is having a good time and i bet she smells like a butterfly flower.


  1. Steph, I love your blog. I love it so much that it Almost makes me wish that you were blogging in Brussels sitting next to me our bed and benny was poking his head in to make sure we were leaving before his dinner party came over. Almost.

  2. Stephi...I have missed your blog and in fact, just caught up from xmas time...too funny!!!

  3. I'm guessing that lady smells like mothballs and bad breath, NOT Butterfly flower!