Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i dont know if anybody noticed, but i took a brief blogging hiatus. no reason, just decided to mix it up a little. but like a runner misses his toenails, i have missed the blog.

so i came back!

seems logical that i give a quick recap, just to let you know what you've missed in the world of me for the last 74 days. so recap. here it is:

1. stopped working at my real job because of the carpal tunnel.

love the company
love the people
hate the carpal tunnel.

2. started, well re-started, working at my FAVORITE JOB EVER.


if you could wed a store, i would wed the GAP. my love for the GAP fills my heart all the way up to my throat or even half-way up my throat. they have to make me go home when my shift is over. i beg haley to give me her shifts. i mean i REALLY love this job. so thats cool.

2.5 as a direct result of my new job, my wardrobe has improved significantly. i wish i could say the same for my checking account.

i now own this

and this

this too

oh and this dress

i could go on but i wont.

3. picked up running.

i remember that i like running and dislike what running does to my feet. my toenails are pretty mad at me so they arent sticking around for long.

4. slammed my finger in a car door.

actually that happened in november during a rant about carpal tunnel, after which i went into shock, after which the nail turned electric blue, after which the nail turned black, and on sunday the nail fell off. so i painted my thumb pink so that if you look only briefly i can trick you into thinking i have a thumbnail. freaky? yep.

my nails and i used to be such good friends
but things have really taken a turn for the worse.

5. began honing my domestic skills.

one time i baked muffins from scratch and one time i cooked salmon in a frying pan. i hang my pants on the clothesline and sometimes i swiffer the kitchen floor. i have even been a hostess a couple times. call me dolly madison because i practically am.

6. moved in with hales.

it is the best thing ever. we watch movies and go to the wal-marts. we learn the words to we didnt start the fire. we even have girl talk sometimes. just ask and i will invite you over to mingle with us and i might even bake you a muffin because i have become quite domestic.

those are the 6 most important things that have happened in the last 74 days. stay tuned, i think things are about to get exciting.

p.s. remember god? he just came over to our table to chat. he's married now. oh man.


  1. Oh, happy day!! Stevie is baaaaaaaaacck!!

  2. My gosh! You have Barbara Streisand hands...that's a GOOD thing!

  3. So happy you're blogging again. I wish Katt would get off her lazy butt and start blogging like she used to. Or Justin. I'd really settle for one of the two.

    By the way, congrats on finding a job you truly love. :)

  4. Carpal tunnel? I thought you were allergic to office cubies!
    I'm so glad you're back... I occasionally just log into your blog hoping I'll see something other than that Day 12 gingerbread house! And tonight the God's are smiling upon me because you blogged, I laughed, end of story!