Sunday, March 28, 2010


today haley said, "did you know that in afghanistan the average life expectancy is 42? that means you would be 21 and think, oh i am half-way through my life."

so i said, "that means i would be having my mid-life crisis right now..."

oh wait. i am.

one time i went to college and got a degree and then i didnt know what to do. so i decided it was a good time to sit myself down and re-evaluate what it want to do when i grow up, which is kind of like now.

this is what i came up with.

i am smart so i should be a doctor. but i like dressing up so i dont want to wear scrubs and i dont really like blood or intestines and when people talk about passing out i pass out. so maybe that one is a no.

i like talking so maybe i should be a teacher. but i dont like kids very much (or at all) and i want to make money so that is a no.

i like clothes so maybe i should work in fashion. but then i watched devil wears prada and meryl intimidated me to tears through the t v screen. so maybe im not bad-a enough so that would be a no.

i like food so... oh ha ha no i dont really like food. but i do like cereal so maybe i could work in a cereal factory. hairnet. nope.

i like gap so maybe i could work at gap! yayayyayyyaaayyyyayyaayyy!

so gap takes this round. which is convenient because i already work there. besides, who doesnt want a discount on this?

or this?

oh i do.


  1. Psychologist--smart doctor, dress up, talk to people, enough money to buy as much cereal as you want and not need a discount to Gap. Problem solved.

  2. I think you should write books.... I also agree with the psychologist idea.

  3. I don't really just laugh out loud when I'm sitting by myself, but your blog makes me laugh uncontrollably and Maggie looks at me like "well, it finally happened... she lost her mind."
    Thanks for the smile your blog brings to my face!

  4. I'm just glad that my office mate is not in the office when I read your blog. I think you should be a smart clothes wearing author of psychological thrillers!!

  5. I think you should be a comedian and go on a date with my home teacher Llyr. I love ya!

  6. Stephanie, stay with GAP, you can work your way up into management with your marketing degree, teach and train your sales-force, be surrounded by fashion, and bring cereal in a tupperware container to eat during lunch in the break room, as you unpack new shipments!Then on to uber management where you become Meryl Streep!

  7. Gap is cool- nothing wrong with dat! In fact, Gap backwards spells Pag, which is short for Pagan. So you can be an ancient polytheists Gap worker. Now THAT'S hardcore to the max!