Thursday, December 24, 2009


on the twelfth day of christmas my true love gave to me:

twelve hours of family christmas fun. then another twelve hours, then another twelve, and finally one more twelve. if you did the math, you know that that makes forty-eight hours of together time. times eleven people, that makes 528 people-hours. together in the same house, our sleeping bags in the same room, eating pistachio salad from the same plastic spoons and drinking martinellis from the same plastic champagne glasses. that is a lot of hours of fun. heaven be with us all.

on the agenda:

gingerbread houses

nativity reenactment

princess and the frog

open presents


play the new games santa brought


eleven settings at the christmas table.

ten dollar dresses for the christmas eve party.

nine cinnamon pretzel bites for dinner.

eight items on my to-do list that remain unchecked off.

seven times approached by someone in the mall.

six items off the arbys value menu.

five tears nearly shed.

four very sore limbs.

three sale coats from anthropologie.

two housing contracts in the cutest condo ever in the whole world for me and haley.

and a natalie cole. and i loved her.

feliz navidad and merry christmas.

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  1. i just made my treck through your twelve days of christmas 14 days after. shoot. i was hoping for 12. i'm excited to see you tomorrow!