Thursday, December 10, 2009


confession: i recently began a love affair and i think its time i was upfront about it.

my mate? bling. if it glints, glows, or sparkles, i want it bad. diamonds, gold, dont even TALK to me about sequins. shimmer, glimmer, glitter, give it to me baby. and give it to me bedazzled.

if you know my style, you'll know that this is a far cry from the norm. i would usually call my choice in clothing... conservative? wait no. maybe natural. or maybe neutral. a neutral natural kind of earthy. blacks, greys, wolves, feathers, wood stuff. but lately its all rhinestones, sequins, studs, and glitter. i even bookmarked the victoria's secret PINK website (not a lie). i spend every break at work looking at the same $90 pair of sweat pants.

pretty hot, huh? i want to wear them out in public tucked into my uggs with the $90 matching hoodie.

what's happening to me? i have also become a fool for things that have text that an eight-year-old would love on them. if it says love, peace, or something similarly cheesy, im on it.

my dad thinks its my grandma eva gene manifesting itself in a new way. the grandma eva who takes off on the weekend to go to the sand dunes with bob. the grandma eva who wears a full on leather getup to ride on the back of bob's harley. the grandma eva who wore snakeskin jeans with an overlay of shimmer on them to thanksgiving dinner. the grandma eva who, when complimented on the said jeans, told me the story of how she tried them with a glittery top but that was too much.

though constantly tempted to splurge, im trying to keep my buying to a minimum until ive determined whether this is a phase or the early onset of evahood. so far ive limited myself to 2 glittery tanks and 1 wife beater with a sequined front. oh and a velour sweatsuit but that doesnt count. oh and some leathery croc leggings but those dont count either.

so on a different note, if you are looking for christmas ideas for me, i will take anything from this website. also, i could use a new bedazzler.

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  1. You DO NOT have a grandma named Eva Gene!!!!! My grandma is Eva Jean! This is so absurd. And even more absurd, we've never come across this in a single conversation over the past 2+ years! WTF?

    Hahahahah, bedazzle is sooooo in. I haven't conformed yet though.