Sunday, December 20, 2009


on the eighth day of christmas my true love gave to me:

eight items on my to-do list that remain unchecked off.

for a more positive take on things, i would like to focus on the eight things that didnt make the to-do list that i did accomplish.

1 do the la times crossword puzzle
2 eat a potato
3 read winnie the pooh learns to always tell the truth
4 watch a cheesy albeit touching hallmark film
5 wear the wrong socks to church
6 take an 11 am nap
7 rack up a $754.94 shopping cart on (none of which i will buy)
8 learn whether the phrase "rack up" is spelled rack or wrack. it is rack up without a w.

seven times approached by someone in the mall.

six items off the arbys value menu.

five tears nearly shed.

four very sore limbs.

three sale coats from anthropologie.

two housing contracts in the cutest condo ever in the whole world for me and haley.

and a natalie cole. and i loved her.

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