Sunday, October 18, 2009


today i checked my bank statement online to make sure wal mart didnt overcharge me for my hannah montana fur vest and as i scanned the record, one charge jumped out at me: a charge for 30 dollars even at an address in bountiful. when did i spend exactly 30 dollars in bountiful? what in the world costs exactly 30 dollars besides 30 kiddie cones at mr biggs frozen yogurt at south towne mall and when was i even in bountiful?

then i remembered this story which took place 2 fortnights ago.

as i trekked the trek from work in kaysville to home in sandy, i noticed that the gas gauge was a little bit past the empty sign and nearing sudden death. so i pulled off the freeway in the land full of bounty to fill up.

when i get gas i play this challenging game with the gas pump where i try to stop it right on the dollar and the gas pump tries to make me go over 5 or 7 cents. i typically lose and by typically i mean always. but today was different.

when i passed the 29 dollar mark, i loosened my grip on the handle ever so slightly to slow the flow of petroleum into my '89 prelude that isnt ghetto. i started counting with the dollar gauge, 10...20...30...40... all the way up to 100 and when i got to 100 i LET GO REALLY FAST!

and alas, there it was. 30 dollars even. shaking slightly, i put the pump back into the pump holder. the pump asked if i wanted a receipt and i said no thanks im trying to be green.

and then the pump had the moxie to tell me thank you, as if it were the one who needest be thanking me. and i said no thank you gas pump, really. its been an honor.

and i got in the 'lude (thats short for prelude) and drove away.


  1. You've blogged twice since I last checked! You're amazing and I love you for that!!!

  2. I do the same thing!

    I hit that dollar mark every time, though. I'll have to show you my technique.

  3. Ha-ha, that's funny, I can NEVER get the exact amount..... as in NEVER!