Monday, November 9, 2009


it came to pass that i ate cinnamon three days ago and consequently got a cinnamon headache which pained me and i said i need a seasoned detective. its ironic that i said seasoned because this is about cinnamon, but i am using seasoned in a different context in which it does not refer to cinnamon but rather to experience.

it wasnt the first time the cinnamon headache had occurred. rather it was the one million and third time and frankly, i had had enough. so i employed the seasoned detective in me and put myself on the case.

i first asked google and google gave me few results. wait, no, google gave me 5,330,000 results. what i meant to say is that google gave me few helpful results. i cant say i checked all five million three hundred thirty thousand, but almost. google did suggest that perhaps i am allergic to cinnamon but i think that is wrong.

so i made these two lists:

things that have cinnamon that give me a headache:
cinnamon rolls (the most lethal culprit, hands down. i almost start convulsing when i walk past a cinnabon.)
cafe rio mints (they put me out of commission for two days and two nights.)
big red gum
cinnamon bears
pumpkin pie blizzards (yeah, so i tried one. and it was kind of good. so what.)
cinnamon toast crunch

things that have cinnamon that do not give me a headache:
cinnamon sugar on toast
cinnamon on yams
cinnamon life (thank heavens. i couldnt live without it)
cinnamon burst bread from great harvest (another indispensable)
kashi heart to heart cinnamon sunrise cereal

so the detective work has proven inconclusive. if i was indeed allergic to cinnamon i wouldnt be able to eat it on toast and yams. so that is not it. the real culprit is still at large, unidentified.

should i avoid cinnamon flavored things this holiday season to avoid the cinnamon headache? i should.

will i? i will not.

bring it, cinnamon.


  1. Avoiding cinnamon at Christmas time is like trying to avoid peeing first thing in the morning. It's nearly impossible. So, needless to say, your decision to eat holiday cinnamon goodness is a decision you won't regret. Well, unless you get a headache, then I think you'll really regret it. Kind of how a person who suffers from a peanut allergy feels when he/she goes for that tempting piece of Christmas peanut brittle. Okay, now I'm on the fence and I don't know what you should do. Follow your heart, but don't blame me when you find yourself in the ER.

  2. I want you to know that your "things that have cinnamon that do give you a headache" list only has 2 things on it that actually HAVE cinnamon in them...and aren't just cinnamon flavored. Big red gum does not have cinnamon it; therefore, there is a lurking variable. I'd say large amounts of SUGAR that can be found in cinnamon rolls, blizzards, gum and cinnamon bears could give anyone a head ache. Clearly things actually containing cinnamon are safe.

    My vote is eat all things containing cinnamon but stay away from the cinnamon flavored stuff. :)

  3. I'd wager it's artificial capsacin/capsicum.

  4. I bet you are allergic to red food coloring, it's one of the most common allergies out there. I can't eat anything with red food coloring without feeling like crap after. It's the saddest thing in the world for me not being able to eat my beloved chocolate covered cinnamon bears, but I just get too sick :( Just an idea though!