Thursday, November 19, 2009


im tired and dont have the mental capacity to write well so obviously i wasnt going to blog BUT i couldnt let this special day pass me by. the reason today is special is because the word of the day today is obfuscate, which is a really rad word. when the word of the day is obfuscate you cant let it go unnoticed. someone has to say something about obfuscation. so i will leave you with this use-the-word-in-a-sentence:

today at work i tried to obfuscate my bloodshot eyes so as to hide the fact that i didnt sleep well last night because i was too excited to wake up and eat the new bag of golden grahams we got at wal mart.

so good night. i just ate some golden grahams so we should be ok tonight.

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  1. I, too, am a word of the day-er! I get it sent to my email. And I try to use that word at least once that day.