Thursday, March 11, 2010


the winter has made me weak and feeble like unto a wimpy child and i was thinking that i am not hardcore enough so in preparation for summer i have decided to become more hardcore. every day im trying to do a brave thing that will make me more hardcore. so far i have done these brave things:

1 yesterday i told the people who got on the treadmill next to me that it was broken. (it was, in fact, broken. i wasnt just saying that.)

if you think telling someone a treadmill is broken isnt scary then please keep that to yourself because i kind of do. it would be much easier to let them figure it out on their own and watch them as they push buttons like a FOOL and finally walk away.

but today i was their champion and saved them from the depths of foolery.

the women thanked me for my kindness and found themselves an elliptical. the men didnt believe me and continued to push every button on the machine until they finally concluded that it was broken (im not exaggerating, every single man did that).

2 two days ago i parked in visitor parking at byu. hay says this shouldnt be scary since i am, in fact, a visitor but because my car still has byu parking stickers in the window i look like a fraud. the man sitting at the toll booth gives me the stink eye before he hands me my visitor pass every time. the stink eye would normally be enough to deter me from parking there but not anymore. not now that i am hardcore.

3 and now for the grand finale. tonight i went out to a social event. a barbecue, if you will. for someone who loves people i sure do shirk at the idea of social events. of all the scarier things in life, this is the scariest.

but tonight i was the bravest and i faced the scariest.

i put on my denim motorcycle jacket and i faced the barbecue in all of its social glory. and i was the VICTOR! the victor as in the combatant who is able to defeat rivals, not the victor like the name.

like alice in wonderland, i have slain the jabberwocky. and if you havent seen alice in wonderland you should go see it today or tonight, do not delay.

and thus progresses my goal of becoming an hcxba (hardcore to the max bad-a). next on the list: face my debit card history for the month of february. retail therapy works wonders for the winter blues, not so much for my savings.

...also i just want to throw this in there: if i felt inclined to talk about my feet on my blog, i would tell you that brave thing number 4 was popping my own blisters after my 10-miler which is usually a job i save for claudia. but that is nast so im not going to say anything.


  1. Hello Miss hcxba!
    You are a brave little thing!
    When you refer to the blister popping Claudia, would that be me... cuz it was kind-of creepy having you call me by my first name when I don't think you've ever done it before... just wonderin'!

  2. Hi Steph! How've you been? I literally just ran across your blog. Congratulations on being super hardcore. :) Excited for you.

  3. Hardcore thing #5- Coming to Arizona!...But i'm not excited or anything. ;-)

  4. P.S It is kinda weird that she called you Claudia...Claudia :-) ha ha ha

  5. Being hardcore is dope! With enough skill and determination you can become your own god